The mission of the NYS STLC is to assist and provide information to New York's Centers for Advanced Technology, Strategically Targeted Academic Research Centers, Advanced Research Centers, Centers of Excellence, Generating Employment Through New York Science Centers (collectively, “Research Centers”) and startup and early stage technology companies as they develop and market new technologies and seek to compete in the high technology marketplace. To this end, the NYS STLC advises the Research Centers, NYSTAR, academic institutions, and other public and private stakeholders on a wide range of technology-related legal issues, including the protection and commercialization of intellectual property, technology transfer practices, patents, copyright and trademark law, and licensing agreements.

To fulfill its mission, the NYS STLC draws upon the extensive faculty and student resources available through the Syracuse University College of Law and Syracuse University New Technology Law Program (“SUNTEC”). NYS STLC is funded by i the New York State Foundation for Science, Technology and Innovation (“NYSTAR”) (formerly the New York State Office of Science, Technology and Academic Research) established the New York State Science and Technology Law Center (“NYS STLC”)

The New York State Foundation for Science, Technology and Innovation (“NYSTAR”) seeks to establish New York as a leader in high-technology academic research and economic development by undertaking a host of new, unprecedented programs and initiatives. These initiatives have resulted in the creation of world-class, state-of-the-art Research Centers, the modernization of existing Research Centers, and the rapid transfer of technologies from the research lab to the marketplace.

NYSTAR is also attracting the best and brightest scientific talent in the nation and the world to New York's research campuses, securing a greater portion of federal grants for our researchers, and coordinating New York's high-tech assets and resources.

Through a wide range of programs and other strategic initiatives, NYSTAR is strengthening the formation of university-business partnerships to develop and commercialize the most economically promising technologies of tomorrow. From the commercialization of these technologies will come the creation of new companies and most importantly, a new source of high-quality, high-value jobs.

To achieve its vision and make New York a national leader in high-technology academic research and economic growth, NYSTAR's mission is comprised of key goals — benchmarks that reflect the overall charge given to NYSTAR.

These key goals are:

        Help new and existing New York businesses become more competitive through use of innovative technologies;

       Continue to leverage public and private partnerships for technology development and commercialization;

       Enhance the research capabilities and expertise of New York’s colleges, universities and research institutions;

       Support efforts to ensure a skilled workforce including exciting youth about science and technology; and

       Recommend policies to take greater advantage of New York’s technology and academic research assets.